Corporate Conferences
Corporate Conferences

MAGICAL HOLIDAYS, an emerging M.I.C.E. Management Organization, sets itself apart from the rest with its instinctive element of creativity that is integral to any conference.

Being experts in the leisure side of luxury travel, Magical Holidays has a wealth of experience in dealing with corporations (both large and small), who may need to organize an offsite conference in India or abroad, arrange incentive travel for their top executives, or arrange a meeting for the leadership in an exotic location.

Comprehensive destination knowledge, excellent working relations with hospitality industry partners including accommodation providers, event managers, venue owners, caterers, publicity agents, and airlines translate to superior buying power with an exceptional range of choices, the best rates, and admittance to hard-to-access places.

Our dynamic M.I.C.E. vertical having a focused team of creative experts pitch in with most innovative ideas to blend the different components of a conference into a single seamless experience and help you focus more on the contents of your Conference, rather than spending your energy in managing various complex facets of the conference.

Conferences arranged and managed by Magical Holidays have in them a creative element that brings together the best of services from the top service providers in a state of co-ordination and blends them creatively around an innovative theme for an incredible experience.

We also arrange special pre & post conference programs for the conference delegates and the accompanying persons, to help them get a glimpse of the magic, lifestyle and customs of the conference destination, by choosing from an array of pre and post conference tours.

Magical Holidays offers a flexible and professional approach to the entire Conference Management - From Start to End.